GREEN WORLD Car Rental Company

Why you should choose the Green World Car Rental for self-driving car rental: 
  • Product quality: Basing on fuel consumption, cars always have a full maintenance to early detect of damage to timely.
  • New model: The cars are from 2015 versions within the warranty conditions.
  • 2-way car insurance and passenger seat: All cars are fully insured under the provisions of the transportation. Also, when renting a car at Green World, customers will feel safety when all seats are insured cover during the journey.
  • Correct commitments as at contract: Green World undertake to deliver in the model and version as same as the contract signed with customers. If there is any change, we are ready to assist you in finding the alternative with the similar or greater line you've set.
  • Responsibilities and clear benefits for both sides: For every car rental, the support staff will explain the term and conditions clearly before signing the car rental.
  • Flexible customer support: Hotline 0932098768 always work continuously to serve customers throughout the trip.

Also when renting a car you will participate in the program membership card accumulation with Green World Car Rental. 

The program for who have started using self-drive car hire services. After a day car rental, you will receive a membership card. Depending on how many rental days, you will receive the cards accordingly. When the accumulation of cards has stabilized, you can be converted the gift in our program.
10 cards = Discount 400.000đ when to rent a self-driving service next times 
15 cards = Free 1 rental day for self-driving in Toyota Innova E or discount 800.000đ for other cars 
20 cards = Free 1 trips to Vung Tau in 1D cost 1.800.000đ 
30 cards = Free 1 trips to Ho Tram in 1D cost 2.200.000đ 
40 cards = Free 1 trips to Mui Ne - Phan Thiet in 2D1N cost 3.500.000đ
Call us today for your future car: 
Office: 95 Thao Dien St - Thao Dien Ward - District 2 - HCMC
Tell: (08) 62564567 & 0932098768
Email: [email protected]

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