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Novel Lagi Beach of Binh Thuan

Located 150km to the east of Ho Chi Minh city, Lagi beach has just become poppular to tourists recently. That’s why the seaside here remains pristine, with many delicious dishes from seafood available.

Many people compare the blue beach of Lagi to a country girl who has just woken up. The coast is long and winding like the girl's graceful waist. The water is blue and clear, ripple like her beautiful long hair. Come to Lagi in hot summer days and get the fresh air can help you to forget all the daily troubles in big modern cities.
When the very first gleams of a new day arrive, just let yourself loose and go out for a walk to see the glorious dawn making its way through the morning mist. Let your bare feet feel how soft the sand is to know that you should really treasure the salty coastal land of Vietnam.

At noon, you can steep yourself into the deep blue water or find a peaceful little place to enjoy grilled “duc” fish and take an quiet afternoon nap under ancient casuarina trees. In the afternoon, you may sit on the beach listening to sweet sounds of sea waves. Then you can contemplate the light of tens of thousands stars reflecting off the clear blue sea water when the night falls. To experience one day in Lagi beach will bring you many emotion, you may suddenly feel a profound and ardent love for homeland’s sea and islands growing up deep inside of you.
Don’t forget the grilled “duc” fish

As a typical fish of this land, yellow duc fishes are always loved by locals and tourists. their meat is sweet and smell good. You can make the best taste of them by scroll it with rice paper, cucumbers and vegetables after take a bath in the pure and blue water.

Duc fishes are quite small, just about 10 -15cm long and are often catched near the shore. You can borrow a small coracle and a fishing rod then go out to the sea to know how it feel being a fisherman. After casting your net, you could stay on the floating caracle fishing while contemplating the open sea and sky.
After get the fish, we clean and drain it. Afterwards, we make a mixture of crush green chillies, sodium glutamate and salt then relish the fishes with it, wait for more 10 minutes and the fishes are ready to be grilled. To make the best taste, you should grill it on the fire of coal till it turns yellow. It would be a great feeling sitting around under casuarina trees, grilling fish, chatting with friends while listening the pleasant sounds of sea breezes and waves.
Goi ca mai (Salad of “mai” fish)
Among delecious seafood in Lagi, you should not miss goi ca mai (salad from mai fish) because it is really special. Mai fish’s meat is sweet, tough and kind of aromatic. After clean the fish, you take its bone out, fillet it into slices then add some lemonade, wait for 10 minutes and your dish is half done. The last thing to do is to mix it with vegetables, onions, carrots, peanuts, salt and pepper… to satisfy your taste.


Goi ca mai becomes more delicious with a sauce mainly made from fish sauce of local people. The fish sauce, which smells like the ocean, together with peppers and garlic create an unforgatable taste. People often eat this dish with sesame rice papers. Just with only one bite, you can feel all the wonderful falvors of the sea melting on your tongue.

Another tourist spots

The wild sand dunes of Hoa Thang
The famous tourist destination of Binh Thuan province - sand dune of Hoa Thang spreads out for about 2km along the beach of Hon Rom, enticing tourists with its wild beauty.

        (The sand dune of Hoa Thang – an attractive destination to tourists)

It is also an alluring place to photographers, who are attracted by endless sand dunes with miraculous shapes and forms. Although they’re not as high as those in Mui Ne (Phan Thiet city), the sand dunes of Hoa Thang own many strange appearances. Among sand dunes in Hoa Thang, photographers dubbed “Trinh nu” (Virgin) sand dune “Vietnam’s best sand dune” due to its pure white and maidenlike grace, which arouse inspirations in photographers. Since the sand dune’s appearance changes after each wind, it is also called “flying sand dune”.
In the middle of the vast sand dunes are two big lakes full of water all year round. The lakes adorn the natural landscape, making it romantic and charming. “Bau Ong” (Man Lake) is small and long while “Bau Ba” (Woman Lake) is big and deep. The lakes always have flowers of lotus and water lily on the surface and fishes like anabas, snake-head, catfish inside. In the sand dunes, tourists can enjoy interesting games like tug of war, fishing, sand sliding .
Dinh Thay Thim (Thay Thim Temple)

Dinh Thay Thim, which is literally translated as “Thay Thim Palace”, is actually a temple built over 130 years ago in Lagi town (Binh Thuan province) to worship a talent, kind-hearted hermit called Thay (The Wizard), who used magic to help indigent people, and his wife – Thim (The Aunt). 

Annually, local people and tourists from everywhere come to join Dinh Thay Thim Festival, which is customarily organized from 14th to 16th day of Lunar September in graves of Thay and Thim as well as in the precinct of Dinh Thay Thim.

Hon Lan cavern and a legend behind its name

BTO – Along Tan Thanh coastline (Ham Thuan Nam district) stretching nearly 24 kilometers from Suoi Nhum to Cua Can, there are a series of legendary place-names and beautiful natural landscapes such as Ong Dien stream, Da Dam, Khe Ga, Hon Lan, Da Mot, etc. Of those, Hon Lan cavern places a very important position in the heart and spirit of the local fishermen.
Afar from Ke Ga cape about 2 kilometers, Hon Lan which is located on the the Southwest coast is a high sandy cavern with a cap towards the sea. The cape is formed by beehive-shaped blocks of dark grey marbles. Hon Lan cape offers a home port and shelter for small-size ships and coracles of the fishers in Ke Ga and Cay Gang at the time of northeast wind and rough sea. Besides the heaving black blocks of rocks, a smooth sand-bank is underneath the cave with a few of scattered and lonely rocks that look like a flock of seagulls sunbathing on the beach.
Legend has it that there were a girl whose name is Lan was the most beautiful and industrious girl in the village. She often went to the rice fields to catch shells and crabs in support of her family’s daily life. One day while she was catching fishes at a freshwater lake next to Tu Bi cave as usual, she saw a great number of anabas fishes under the water. However, she didn’t take any baskets to keep the fishes, so she decided to keep a big anabas in her mouth while catching another by hands. Unfortunately, this big anabas sneaked into her throat and caused her death by obstructing her airways. The heart-breaking death of a beautiful girl has no longer fallen into oblivion since a number of miraculous affairs happened after her death. Until now, before starting every fishing journey, local fishermen have never forgot to offer an incense stick to the high cave where she died to pray for a safe and sound trip. The place where people placed the incense sticks overlapped together day by day and became an anonymous mysterious grave that is known as “Hon Lan” or a grave of a young lady named Lan in the heart of the local residents. Next to Hon Lan is a lake which provides a year-round freshwater supply for fishermen, position under the foot of Tu Bi cave.

In conjunction with Hon Lan is Cay Gang village’s beach where is surrounded by attractive rows of green poplar trees. Apart from a few tens of meters of sea water, there is an emerged big stone which looks like an ascetic monk who suffers from all fierce waves in protection for the poor fishing village. This is the most beautiful and ecofriendly beach section in the locality with dozens of large-scale resorts and travel accommodations located along more then 3-km-coastline.

Let explore more things in Lagi Binh Thuan

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