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You are a good driver with experiences on driving skill?
You want to feel freedom with your family, your friends in weekend? Or want show off your abilities with your relatives, friends and your guests in special events as Weddings and Ceremonies.But the only concern is that you don’t have a car.


Let us support you! GREEN WORLD Car Rental will bring convenience of setting your rental car to follow up your plan accordingly. Now, you will become the owner of this car by joining our program "Self - Driving Car" service for all customers in Vietnam. It is not only get yourself a comfortable car but also make your social status more powerfully than everyone. DON'T WORRY FOR RATES, because our daily rental rates per 24 hours only from only 800,000 VND and more. More details will be discussed after clarifying your information within 24 working hours.

True Freedom & Easy to go 

We have a particular requirement before doing the next steps. You only need: 
  • A valid Vietnamese Driver’s license (or International Driver’s license translated in English) and ID (or passpport)
  • A permanent residence.
If you are not a direct driver, you need to register correctly about any additional driver before they are allowed to drive the hired vehicle. Otherwise, you will not be covered by insurance fee. We usually allow only one driver ( or yourself) and one additional driver. 

- To safe, we require security deposit amount for all Self Drive cars since there is possibility of damage by yourself in the course of driving. Generally, the security deposit $1500. Deposit will be fully refunded immediately upon return of the car damage-free.
- To avoid disappointment on your plan trip, we recommend booking 3 days in advance if your plan falls on a weekend (Sat - Sun) and booking 1 months in advance if your plan falls on Holidays (Tet Holiday...). We regret that if we did not receive any confirmation from you, we will release the availability of the date to other people enquiries (if any).

Call us today for your future car: 
Office: 53 Hanoi Highway - Thao Dien Ward - District 2 - HCMC
Hotline: 0932.098.768 (English) - 0868.480.777 (English) - 0938.120000 (Vietnam)
Working Times: Monday - Sunday: 09:00am - 06:00pm

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