GREEN WORLD Car Rental Company

General information 

1- Which kind of car do you have to rent?
Green World specialize in car rental service from Sedan common car ( Toyota Vios , Honda City , Hyundai Elantra ) to the high-end cars (Toyota Camry , BMW 520i). Besides, Green World also has 7 seats cars with sporty, versatile ( Toyota Innova, Toyota Fortuner ), along with the 16 seat, luxury and convenience ( Ford Transit )

2- Does Green World always provide the latest model? 
Green World always ensure all kind of available is newest to satisfy customer.

3- Can the driver staff communicate by english?
Yes, our well-qualifed drivers are able to communicate with customer in English.

4- Do I need to pay for the extra service charge?
Yes, but you only have to pay additional fee (if any) such as tolls...

5- Can I pay for renting fee in USD?
Yes, we will exchange for the current currency

6- Do I need to pay for driver commission?
No, it's out of the policy.


7- How many day do I need to book a car in advance?
In order to provide the best quality, customer have to place a car before 24 hours.

8- Will I receive a discount if I rent a car with non- English speaking driver?
English speaking driver is our standard service which is not charged as an extra fee. Therefore, we could not offer a discount.

9- Can I rend a car to go out of HCM city?
Yes, Green World provide the service route not only in HCMC but also in neighbouring provinces such as Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Long An, Tien Giang, Tay Ninh.


10- How much is the rental service charge? 
According to your details, Green World will send the quotation with the correct and competitive price to customers.


11- Will you offer pick up if I rent a car with driver?
For renting car with driver, we will come to you place to pick you up.


Car rental service.

1- May I use the service on trial before signing the contract?
Yes, in order to satisfy customer, Green World is applying the trial service in 3 days before using our pernament service. Please contact our hotline for more details 

2- Will you offer pick up if I rent a car with driver?
For renting car with driver, we will come to you place to pick you up

3- Does Green World provide the newest car if i want to rent it in long term?
Yes, our special program is always meet your expectation as your cars' request.

4- Can I request to change the driver?
Yes, if the driver does not conform the rules or bother customer, Green World will take action and change another driver accordingly.


5- How can I get the best price?
We always offer the most attractive price if the minimum rental period is 12 months. If you rend in long term (2-3 years), Green World will offer the car with new appearance to customer.

6- What should I do in case the car is damaged or burnt?
Contact us as soon as possible by calling 0903606888, we will try to solve this problem.

Self - driving service. 

1- Does renting rate for self drive package include fuel?
No, renting rate for self drive package only covers for vehicle and insurance.

2- What is the process for self driving car?
To Vietnamese customer: you need a residence registration in HCM City and now living in the register address. Green World will come to your home and clarify information before doing the final steps.
To expats: you need a valid passport and residence card in Vietnam. Green World will discuss more information before signing the contract. 

3- Will you offer pick up if I rent a car with driver?
For renting car with driver, we will come to you place to pick you up.


4- Do you have limit for self drive renting?
Limit for Self drive car rental is 250km/ day, route over limit is charged VND8,000/km

5- Is the insurrance fee included in the rental fee? How much will it be covered? 
100% car in Green World are insured by insurance company. When renting a car, if it has an unwanted situation, Green World will claim the insurance company to support of compensation for damage. After the period of assessment , if some errors arise that insurance refuses to pay , the customer will be required to pay for the losses and the corresponding number of days rental car when the car suspended operations at the warranty station .

If the cost of damages excess 5 million VND, customer can flexiblity pay payment by cash. Green World will assist clients who work in the next steps.

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